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Sarah Olofsson l Freelance copywriter based in Lausanne Switzerland

Freelance copywriter, editor and creative storyteller

based in Lausanne, Switzerland.



Hi there, my name's Sarah!


I’m a freelance copywriter and content producer; an experienced Marketing professional with an itch to ink.


As a child, I was raised in 8 different countries, on 4 different continents. I’m a world citizen with a deep sense of empathy, a critical asset for any copywriter. Because the truth is, if you truly understand your audience, you can pull them in to read just about anything.


As for my qualifications, I speak English, French and Flemish/Dutch fluently. I have a MSc degree in Marketing and have over 10 years of experience working in foodservice, healthcare, banking, education, advertising and journalism industries.




Need help coming up with a new brand voice,  personality or tagline? Bring me in, I love to brainstorm!


Creative storytelling is my art. Let me bring your content to life with captivating stories that will leave your audience yearning for more.


Need a fresh eye to copy-edit or proofread your content and catch grammatical mistakes? With me, nothing slips through the cracks.


Together with my network of designers, copywriters and communications specialists, we would be happy to consult on your projects.

For us, no new challenge is too complex!




Clients & testimonials

"Sarah’s dynamic and clear writing style has been a true asset to a multitude of projects ranging from reports and newsletters to brochures and video copy development. She is flexible and solutions-minded and has a good understanding of different business contexts and realities, allowing her to quickly immerse herself in different projects and deliver results. Sarah is a pleasure to work with – very professional and friendly."

- Shine Communication

"Sarah has helped us develop video scripts for our international clients. She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with; she quickly grasps the requirements of the brief and expectations, and delivers solid work with a quick turn-around. She's dedicated and makes herself available for each project. One of her strongest assets is her penmanship, which can transform corporate and managerial subjects into a creative universe."

- Match Pictures

"Sarah worked on the content for our two websites, and was able deliver great copy with a quick turnaround. She asked the right questions, making sure to understand the personality of our partners and our business culture, and brought that to life in the content. Overall, outstanding quality of work and great attention to detail."

- Orea Capital


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Freelance Copywriter Lausanne
Freelance Copywriter Lausanne
Freelance Copywriter Lausanne
Freelance Copywriter Lausanne
Freelance Copywriter Lausanne
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